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Get everything you need for uniforming your food service department. Stitch Logo offers uniform options for food service in the medical, health, corporate, restaurant, event center, grocery and other industries. Wearing a clean professional work uniform is important to your business's overall image to clients and guests. Choose the right uniform for your venue from options such as: chef coats, cook shirts, chef pant baggies, scrubs, aprons and more.

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Stitch Logo offers a broad selection of quality uniforms for the food service industry. Contact us today for help setting up your next uniform program.

Chef Coats for Food Service

Chef Coats - Our great looking chef coats are essential for working in open kitchens and in front of guests. Your chef's will enjoy these highly functional coats that have everything they need and nothing more.

Custom Aprons

Aprons - A great way to cover up while handling food. Keep your clothes looking fresh while you are busy washing dishes, clearing tables, serving customers and making food. Add your logo for a uniform look that will surely impress your guests.

Medical Scrubs for Food Service Uniform

Medical Scrubs - These scrubs are a great low cost uniform that will work well in hospitals, medical centers, kitchens and more. Use these items for food prep, dishwashers and for room delivery.

Cook and Kitchen Shirts

Cook / Kitchen Shirts - Made for handling food with features such as soil release, mesh backs and easy home wash laundry. Many styles offer snaps instead of buttons, so that they won't get lost in the food that has been prepared.

Cook Pants / Chef Baggies

Cook Pant / Baggies - Adding a comfortable pant to your uniform program is essential for keeping your chefs cool and professional. Designed for comfort and ease of movement so that your chefs are free to move about the kitchen.

Unify your Team with Embroidery

By adding your logo to different uniform pieces it's easy to unify your team and build brand recognition.

Adding your logo has never been easier! We offer free logo set-up with any 12+ piece embroidery order, a $40.00 savings. Mix and match styles, colors and sizes to get quantity.

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Embroidered Chef Coats

Need uniforms for the rest of your team?

Stitch Logo has uniforms for every profession! Find the right program for your entire staff from management, delivery, servers, bar tenders, front desk employees and more. Tie everything together with a color scheme and your beautifully embroidered logo.

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