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Why choose Stitch Logo for your Company Store provider?

Stitch Logo is a family owned and operated business driven to create top-notch custom branded merchandise. Our goal is to offer competitive prices and the simplest ordering process possible.

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Designed for you.

Uniform shops are set up using your brand colors and offer products you choose in the colors you choose.

Create pages on your company store that limit styles by department, location or job role.

Our Company Stores are used for uniform programs, corporate apparel, special event items, company swag, gifts or casual Friday apparel.

Many other options available and your ideas are welcome.

Create Employee Uniform Store Online



Stitch Logo provides Five Star customer service to all our customers. Every business enrolled in our company store program is assigned to a dedicated team of customer service professionals.

Our mission is to collaborate with you. We aim to find solutions that make ordering uniforms and custom apparel easier. Trust in our years of experience in uniforms, website design, embroidery and accounting to customize your next uniform program.

Don't choose a large uniform company. They might direct you to voicemail or outsource customer service to a phone room. Avoid this mistake. Our team is small, but mighty and we work together to handle any issues that come up.

Let our team help your employees find the right style. If you are offering a variety of products our team will take the time to talk to your employees about size charts, fabrics and color choices.

Out of stock items are not an issue. We have plenty of options and can set up automatic replacements or work with your employee to find a suitable substitution, avoiding backorders.



Custom Embroidery


Send your logo design(s) for review. We will let you know if any edits are neccessary for embroidery or heat press. A .JPG will work for embroidery. If you want to match an existing embroidery design, please email us a picture of that as well.

Your approval will be required for all designs. By choosing your thread colors for both light and dark colored products you will achieve brand consistancy. The number of designs that can be offered is limited.

Vector art is required for heat press. We can create the vector art for you if you do not have it.


Choose specific products, or provide us with a list of categories. We will then suggest popular products from those categories for you to choose from.

Order sample products to try and feel before adding them to your store. It's important to ensure proper color and fit before adding items to your store.

Does your branding require specific colors? Stitch Logo can source most colors by pantone or color name to give you options for all departments company wide.

Browse our website or online catalogs for quality products that meet your needs.

Select Products for a Uniform Program.

Contact our Designer of Company Stores


We would be happy to discuss all the services that Stitch Logo offers!

  • Voucher Programs
  • Shipping Bundles & Pricing
  • Custom Decoration
  • Alternate Decoration Methods
  • Delivery Times
  • Customer Service


Company Store Size Chart

You will never be charged for falling short of your estimated yearly purchase. Our team will evaluate your store for irrelevant products and simply remove them. By removing products that are not selling well it bring the number of styles that need to be updated down.

This helps us to keep your site up-to-date. It also provides your employees with the most popular styles for the upcoming year.

Concerned about adding and removing products from your employee store? Simply, send an email to our customer service team with the items you'd like to add or remove. We'll take care of the rest. Updates are usually made within 24-48 business hours.

Store Set up Fees

The cost to set up the company website is equal to the cost to set up your logo(s) for embroidery or heat press. There is no annual maintenance fee and no charge for not meeting the estimated yearly purchase amount.

Decoration Set up Fees

Embroidery logo design set up (digitizing) is $75.00 for the first design and $50.00 for additional designs. This price includes a sew-out for approval and thread color selection. Heat Press vector artwork is $50.00 per design and includes one color change to meet the needs of light and dark products.

Shipping Fees & Solutions

Orders are shipped UPS Ground in the Contiguous US and USPS Priority to Alaska & Hawaii. Stitch Logo offers a variety shipping solutions that can save you money and time. Ask us for more information.

Voucher Program Fees

Stitch Logo can create vouchers that can be offered as a benefit, reward, gift or uniform allowance. A 50% deposit is required on voucher orders and is non-refundable. You only pay for the voucher amount that was used over 50% deposit. Fees apply to voucher orders under $7,500.

   Customer Review from an Engineering Firm with 300+ Employees

"Honestly, any issue or challenges, the Stitch Logo team has gone out of their way to accomodate and resolve for us without difficulty, so I don't even worry about problems.

Stitch Logo is a great organization and I am very happy with my experience and that of the company for which I work for, I think that they have made every effort to customize KCA's program to meet our needs and requests and I have no doubt that this is a business standard for Stitch Logo and not just my good fortune."

by Jill G-B.