Car Wash Uniforms

Washing cars is a dirty job. There are a few different ways to go about ordering the right uniform for your Car Wash staff.

Choose industrial work clothes that are treated for stain release and easy wash and wear.  The benefits of choosing industrial work clothes is they are more durable and last much longer. These styles are great for hard working employees that have been around for a while and plan on staying around. An ideal uniform would be a short or long sleeve industrial work shirt paired with a durable industrial work pant or short depending on your climate.

Another option is to choose low cost items that are easy to replace. The benefits of choosing low cost items is once they are dirty you can easily replace them with a new item for a fresh look. These styles also work well for positions that have a high staff turnover. A few of our car wash customer order screen-printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps to uniform their team.

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