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Stitch Logo offers custom embroidered hats, baseball caps, beanies, scrub hats, chef hats, work hats, and visors.

Low cost, affordable hats are great for uniform programs and trade show giveaways. Choosing a high quality hat style to give to your top clients for golf outings, trade shows, events can be difficult.

View our Guide to Custom Logo Hats Below.

Custom Hat Embroidery

Simple Custom Hat Embroidery

Ordering custom hat embroidery has never been easier. Simply select "add embroidery" to the caps of your choice.

Email us a copy of your logo to have them added to your hats. Maximum design height is 2" on hats and 1" on visors. Standard hat embroidery placement is front center. If you prefer a different placement, note it in the special instructions at checkout.

Receive a sew-out proof of your logo by email for approval before we more your order into production.

Email us your logo design today to get started!

Understanding Hat Terminology

Find the right hat for you and your company or team by educating yourself on hat lingo! Below we have listed the top 10 questions we are asked when our customers are picking out a new hat.

  1. What is Antimicrobial? A term used for a garment that is able to resist; either naturally or chemically, the effects of microbial secretions put off by the human body, resisting odor and increasing garment life.
  2. What does Brushed fabric mean? Finishing process for knit or woven fabrics in which abrading devices are used to raise a nap on fabrics or create a novelty surface texture. These garments are usually a bit softer.
  3. Will my hat fade? Worried about your hat fading in the sun, choose a colorfast fabric which has the ability to resist fading due to washing, exposure to sunlight and other environmental conditions.
  4. What are the holes in the top of a hat called? Eyelets are the small holes or perforations made in a series on the top of a hat to allow for breath-ability.
  5. What does a flexfit cap mean? The original stretchable hat featuring Flexfit stretchable sweatband technology. A little stretch is an easy way to order custom fitted hats.
  6. What is Hook and Loop closure? A fastener closure system. the rough side is called the hook. It's softer mate is called loop. The hooks engage the loop and provide the closure. Colloquially known as VELCRO.
  7. What is the crown profile? This is the height of the front of the cap. A high profile is when a hat silhouette is less fitted to the head with a high slope. A low profile is when a hat silhouette is more closely fitted to the head.
  8. What is a structured hat? A headwear term referring to a buckram lining used to control the slope of the cap. A structured cap offers a lining to support the shape of the front of the cap. A structured hat supports complicated custom hat embroidery designs.
  9. What are unstructed snapback hats? An unstructured hat also know as a floppy hat does not have a lining and supports less complicated designs. The snapback refers to the adjustable closure for fitting.
  10. What are performance fabric hats? Generally, a performance hat offers 100% polyester fabric with technology that wicks moisture, resists snags, stains or odors. It "performs" in some way.

Custom Hats no Minimum Order

Stitch Logo provides custom hats with logo embroidery with no minimum order. The digitizing setup fee is waived with a 12 piece embroidery order. Once your logo is on file at Stitch Logo, we can quickly embroider one or 1,000 hats at the same quality standards.

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