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3 Easy Steps to Start a Custom Company Store for your Business

If you have special needs or want to know if there are any other special features that can be added to your store, please reach out to and she will help you!

1) Email Your Logo

We will check your design and let you know if any edits are needed for a clean embroidery. Most file types accepted: .jpg, .gif, .ai, .cdr, .pdf, .png. If you are trying to match a current embroidery, please send a photo and size. We can match most Pantone colors. No extra charge to have your thread colors different for light & dark shirts.

2) Pick Your Name

Choose a name for your store. All company stores are setup as a sub domain of  example It is recommended that you choose something short and easy to remember for those that will be utilizing the store.

3) Pick Your Products

Choose your items from our website or you can let us pick - just let us know what types of items  you want to offer and we will select a variety of popular styles in each category. Let us know if you want to limit the colors you want to offer or if you need certain styles for each job role.

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Contact our Web Designer

Cheryl is the web designer at Stitch Logo and will work with your to bring your Custom Company Store to life.

Please call or email Cheryl with any and all questions!

(877) 652-8600 x 105

Choose the right type of store for your business.

Custom Website for my Business at Stitch Logo

Tier 1 = Custom Web Page: A custom web page is when we dedicate an entire page to your business. Your page will be located on our and websites. Please view the College Fresh web page as an example.

Tiers 2-5 = Custom Website: A custom website is a unique store just for your business. A list of sample company stores is below. This is when you choose the name of your store Only your items will be listed and this type of store offers more customization.