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Explore new ways to promote your business by adding your company logo to aprons.

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Custom Apron Ideas
Custom Aprons with Logo on Sale

Custom Aprons with Logo

Order custom embroidered aprons at Stitch Logo and receive FREE logo setup with a 12 piece order. You can mix and match apron styles and colors to get quantity. Need only a few aprons? You can even mix and match shirts, jackets and aprons as long as all 12 pieces are being embroidered with the same embroidery design.

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Apron Types: What kind of apron is the best?

Choosing the right apron depends on what you are using your apron for. View the list of popular aprons below and the common uses for that apron.

Bib Aprons & Butcher Aprons

Bib Aprons

Bib aprons or butcher aprons offer protection to the front of your body covering your chest to thighs.

Wear the apron by sliding the strap over the head and use the long ties at the waist tie in the back.

Common uses of the bib apron include cooking, hardware and retail stores, mechanics in flower shops.

Bistro Aprons

Bistro Aprons

Bistro aprons offer protection from the waist down. Full bistros fall mid shin, while half bistros fall mid thigh.

Wear the apron by using the long ties at the waist to either tie at the back or in the front if ties are long enough.

Common uses of the bistro apron include restaurant servers, bartenders and bar backs.

Cobbler Aprons with logo

Cobbler Aprons

Cobbler aprons offer protection front and back from the neck down to the upper thighs.

Wear the apron by placing the apron over your head and tie the apron on each side of your waist.

Common uses of the cobbler apron include housekeeping, cleaning, art classes, grocery and child care.

Server Waist Aprons

Waist Aprons

Waist aprons offer protection on the front from the waist to the upper thighs.

Wear the apron by using the long ties at the saist to either tie in the front if ties are long enough or at the back.

Common uses of the waist apron include restaurant servers, carnival workers and hardware stores.