Why choose Stitch Logo for your uniform program?

Stitch Logo offers every type of apparel that is used in the Health Care field today! Hospitals, medical centers, research labs and concierge service centers can find uniforms to fit any position. Order all your uniforms in one place and receive special pricing, easy uniform management, decrease time spent on searching and ordering staff apparel and receive consistent quality and excellent customer service.

Medical Uniforms - Personalize with Embroidery

Personalizing your medical scrubs, lab coat or other uniform top will help get you and your staff noticed. Patients and other staff members will easily be able to identify names and departments for a more individual experience. Many hospitals and medical offices have started to color code scrubs by department. By color coding you create a unified look that actually serves a purpose. Patients will easily be able to identify nurses, food service, housekeeping and other staff members just by the color they wear.

It's easy to find what you are looking for at Stitch Logo. We offer medical scrubs for nursing and medical personnel. Career apparel for administration and office staff. Rain jackets and embroidered polo shirts work well for your valet employees. Maintenance employees are sure to enjoy the hard working industrial uniforms we provide.

Whether you are shopping for a group of just for yourself, our sales associates are ready to help. Customize your scrub, lab coat or any other uniform item with embroidery. It's easy to get started - just give us a call   877-652-8600 or email your logo to service@stitchlogo.com for a free quote.

Embroidery Example for Medical Uniforms

Get started TODAY!

  • Add any custom embroidered logo. Company or medical design.
  • Personalize your uniform by adding your name, department, credentials, position, nick-name, etc.
  • Order it the way you want it! Select which thread color, font and size you want your embroidery done.
  • All embroidery is done in house to your exact specifications.


Email us your ideas for a free quote today! service@stitchlogo.com

Just wanted to let you know we received our scrub tops and everyone loves them! We really liked how the stitched logo came out. Thank you so much and we will be contacting you for future orders!

Heather H.
Custom Uniform Store

Create a Company Store

Let Stitch Logo make ordering uniforms easier for you and your staff! Create a company store for your medical office and let us handle the uniform ordering for you.

  • Brand control over your logo(s)
  • Choose the products you want to offer and limit colors.
  • Segment your site by departments or locations.
  • Offer event and casual Friday options.
  • Custom payment methods.
  • Mobile and desktop friendly sites.

Email us today for more information. Cheryl@stitchlogo.com

Office Support Staff Uniform Ideas

Stitch Logo has you covered with uniform options for the front desk, assistants, administration, reception, billing, accounting, human resources and more!

Tie all your departments together with your custom embroidered logo. All customers receive Free logo set-up with any 12+ piece embroidery order.

Office Support Staff Uniform Ideas