Personalized lab coats are a great way to present yourself to patients and colleagues. Easily add your name, title or deparment. Our sales team can help you design the lab coats you need. Our coats come with all the pockets and extras to hold all your essentials.

#4350 Cherokee Women's Scrub Jacket

Jewel neck offers full coverage and the lower pockets offer extra storage!

#M7116 Women's Short Lab Coat

Easy care and functional coat designed for a woman's figure!

#M7126 Women's 3/4 Sleeve Lab Coat

Easy care fabric with feminine design features to flatter any figure!

#M7216 Men's Short Lab Coat

Easy care fabric with roomy pockets large enough to hold your mini tablet!

#M8706 Warm Up Jacket

Durable and affordable - It's the perfect jacket for when you need that extra layer!

#M7156 Women's Long Lab Coat

Designed to help you stay organized throughout your work day!

#M7256 Men's Long Lab Coat

Designed to help you stay organized throughout your work day!

#5210 Female Lab Coats with Embroidery

Decorative belted back for a flattering fit!

#86306 Dickies Women's Warm-up Jacket

Knit cuffs, multiple pockets and snap front for functional wear!

#M8728 Ladies Zip Front Jacket

Perfect for medical, housekeeping and spa uniforms!
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#KP10 Men's Blue Counter Coat

This blazer style coat is available in many great colors!

#4315 Women's Cherokee Jewel Neck Scrub Jacket

This zip front, stretchy medical jacket is a great addition to any uniform program!

#M7551 Lab Coat

  • 65/35 Poly/Cotton
  • Notched Collar

#KP38 Specialized Lab Coats with Embroidery

This specialized no-pocket Red Kap lab coat works well for pharmacists!

#KP11 Female 4 Button Front Lapel Counter Coat

Princess seams offer a flattering fit in this blazer style coat!

#KP16 Men's Specialized Lapel Counter Coat

Two lower pockets help keep you organized throughout your workday!
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#KP13 Female 6 Button Lab Coat

Princess seams and side vent opening offer a great look!
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#KP14 Male 5 Button Lab Coat

This Red Kap lab coat is meant for business!
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#KP18 Men's Light Blue Lab Coat

Plenty of pockets to store your essential work tools!

#KP17 Female Specialized Lapel Counter Coat

This ladies coat offers two lower pockets to store your essentials!

#M7151 Ladies Consultation Lab Coat

  • 65/35 Poly/Cotton
  • Princess Seams

#KP15 Female Gripper Front Lab Coat

This full length coat features princess seams in the back for a fitted look!

#KP72 Cuffed Lab Coat

The elastic cuffs allow for a clean work environment!

#M8702 Zip Front Warm-up Jacket

Primaflex fabric retains color and shape in this Lycra blend jacket!

#M8708 Women's Sporty Scrub Jacket

COOLMAX Technology quickly removes any moisture release by your body throughout the day!

#M8803 Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

A fantastic coat made from soft stretchy fabric with extra details that make it extremely functional!

#KT34 Male Staff Lab Coat

This men's staff coat features a back belt for added shape!

#KT33 Women's Staff Coat

Back belt offers a tailored look to this ladies staff coat!

#WW-201 Wonder Work Smock

Flattering style with princess seams and adjustable fit at the inner back.

#WW-803 Wonder Work Blazer

Two large lower pockets make this work blazer highly functional!

#WW-7112 Women's Jacket with Zip Pocket

Keeps you cool. Stretch Fabric. Soil Release. Moisture Wicking.

#WW-7019 Women's Fashion Lab Coats

Fantastic stretch fabric makes this coat a comfortable uniform piece!

#WW-703 Men's WonderWink Lab Coat

This classic lab coat offers plenty of pockets for all your essentials.