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Stitch Logo offer many different vests, ladies and men's suit jackets and blazers for women. Shop these items here and then match it up with one of our custom embroidered dress shirts. Perfect for administration, hospitals, resorts, human resources, hotels, security and more!

Embroidered Blazers and Suit Jackets

Embroidered Suit Jackets & Blazers

Add Embroidery to your jacket or blazer easily at Stitch Logo.

Embroidery Notes: Due to the design of these coats the logo width can be no wider than two inches. The placket tends to cover the design if they are any wider. Our design team can help you edit your logo or design to make it look professional on your jacket.

Often if your logo is very tall we also must either embroider the design on the right chest instead of the standard left chest to avoid sewing the pocket closed.

Email your design for a free quote and design suggestions.

How our customers use custom blazers and suit jackets.

  • Trade Shows. Create a powerful team with matching custom suit jackets embroidered with your company logo. Use bright colors in your embroidery to attract attention to your company logo. Perfect for setting up your booth and transporting your booth display.
  • Business Events. Does your sales team spend a lot of time networking with other businesses? Look great on zoom meeting and in person meetings with a custom blazer. Embroidery is done on the chest so the logo will be visible if sitting at a banquet table or on the computer monitor.
  • Sales Calls. When your sales representative shows up for a meeting in a custom suit jacket, your clients will immediately know to expect professional performance from your company.
  • Funeral Services. People visiting a funeral home to make arrangements for their loved ones, expect professionally dressed people to assist them. A custom blazer is a great way for your employees to show their respect. Pair the blazer with matching dress pants for a complete look. When your guests are hosting services a noticeable uniform can go a long way to make the service more comfortable and easily direct people with questions to the right assistant.
  • Hotels and Resorts. Distinguish your management team from your regular staff with a suit jacket embroidered with your hotel logo. All major chain hotel logos are on file and no minimum order is required for purchase. All other hotels can receive free logo setup with a 12 piece minimum embroidered order. Mix and match styles, colors and sizes to get quantity. Adding a hat to your uniform program? An edit fee may apply.

Stitch Logo is now offering four lines of washable suiting. These innovative fabrics are perfect for uniform programs in hospitality, business and dining.

  • Russel suiting offers luxury fabric with comfort stretch. This wool blend suit jacket is available for both men and women with coordinating pants, vests and tunics. These are two coat lengths for women,  a shorter waist length coat and a longer hip length coat. Machine washable or dry clean.
  • Synergy suiting offers comfort stretch and easy at home washing. This lightweight fabric comes in a men's suit jacket with matching vest and dress pant. The women's styles come in a hip-length coat, waist-length coat, jewel neck dress, tunic vest, high button dress vest, dress pants and straight skirt. All styles coordinate with color choices and fabric for a uniform look to fit all your staff body shapes.
  • Intaglio Suiting is created from lightweight polyester fabric that is easy care and home launder. Styles available in this fabric include men's and women's matching suit jackets, dress pants and a women's straight skirt.
  • Washable Hopsack Blazer for women and men. This affordable style offers contemporary look and features with a two button closer. Now available in black and navy blue.