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Stitch Logo now offers Authentic Cherokee Work wear Scrubs.

Shop by choosing the Cherokee Stretch Fabric Scrubs or the Cherokee Originals!

Cherokee Scrubs Size Chart

Stitch Logo provides the best of Cherokee scrubs at discounted prices. The health care industry is often demanding and hectic. When you experience the quality and comfort Cherokee provides, your workday will become a little brighter and a lot more comfortable.

What sets Cherokee scrubs uniforms apart from its competition? Cherokee’s outstanding dedication has brought its customers fashion, comfort and high quality materials for the last four decades.

If you cannot find the Cherokee Scrubs you are looking for please contact our customer service department.

Cherokee Scrubs now available:

  • 1841 Luxe Mock Wrap Top
  • 1999 Luxe Crossover V-neck Top
  • 1330 Luxe Scrubs Warm-up Jacket
  • 1845 Luxe V-Neck Tunic Top
  • 1998 Luxe Round Neck Top
  • 1066 Luxe Drawstring Pant
  • 1067 Luxe Pull-on Cargo Pant
  • 21701 Luxe Juniors Mock Wrap Top
  • 21700 Luxe Juniors Drawstring Cargo Pant
  • 1929 Luxe Men's V-Neck Top
  • 1022 Luxe Men's Drawstring Pant
  • 2968 Cherokee Flexibles V-Neck Top
  • 2824 Cherokee Flexibles Mock Wrap Top
  • 2306 Cherokee Flexibles Warm-up Jacket
  • 2085 Cherokee Flexibles Pull-On Pant